As the Director of STRIKE I am over joyed that STRIKE will be coming to Picture House cinemas for even more people to enjoy. STRIKE is a brilliant film and one the whole family will love. Special Kids Club screenings will take place on Saturday 27 July - all ticket info on this website.

There are so many cracking scenes in this movie but the one I enjoy watching every time is when the TV comes up out of the boss's car.

I love watching it in the cinema with an audience because the reaction is always the same. It's start with the audience watching the TV rise slowly up from the boot, then when it gets to the point where it is taking a little too long, the shot of Lewey snoring let's them know...We the makers of it know! And people enjoy being the point of that joke...and of course the brilliantly funny cut away shots of the townsfolk within it..."Great, I love it when a pan comes together" 

More exciting announcements soon!

Trevor Hardy, Director of Strike

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