Having identified that we could recycle waste and objects and it could work within the limitations and challenges of our animation, we ensured that as sets and props were designed that we were aware of what waste material was around us and what we could lay our hands on or recycle, and in a number of cases the design changed to enable us to use the recycled object. 

The most obvious use of this was the minehead. Here's a pic of the original broken bin:

The bin lid gave us the distinctive dome shape onto which we used a thin layer of modelling clay to add in the detail for the mine, rivets and panels etc. Then various plastic tubes, straws, metal wire was used to add further detail and embellishment over the overall shape. The “mine head” was then painted and distressed and you can see the final creation in the photos of the set in Diggington, where you would be surprised at it's staring point.

We even reused the plastic cups that were in the studio to make various machines that were used in the mine for props, as can be seen in one of the photos, with a machine part finished.

 Some of the more detailed props such as cameras and lights used recycled watch and clock parts. 

As can been seen in these photos with various watch parts used to make a scale model working desk light! The quality and tactile feel of these props created a unique finish and look in the final film that, we believe, added to the stories charm and appeal!

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