MUNGO ON THE BALL - Behind the Scenes with Director Trevor Hardy

Well the first thought that rushes through my mind as I look at the BTS photo from STRIKE is....WOW!!! What a beautiful rig that is holding Mungo up in the air. We had an animator start working with us at GiggleFish (Will Hodge) smashing chap...he was looking at the rigs we were using and said that he knew a bloke that could let us borrow his really good Ex Aardman when I look at that pic I think,'What a beauty'.

Making Mungo run with a ball is a simple job you would think eh....but no! In stop-motion to get mungo to run with that ball took about 5 people to make happen.....that one simple little shot, five people!

1: Camera/lighting person on set, lighting set ready for shot

2: Puppet maker that has made a 'Mungo' puppet that can animate as needed to make the shot happen (And other puppets also in scene)

3: Model maker, to make goal post and ball

4: set builder, to make the grass pitch

5: Animator to animate Mungo running with ball

.....I lied...6 people!!! to make this simple little shot happen....Post production person, to take out rig from shot, so it looks like Mungo is running by himself...

...I lied again....7!!!! Dan Harding to add the shot onto the edited time line. 

So, when I look at that photo, I see a lot.

From Trevor Hardy 2nd May 2019


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